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Eve Harow

Eve Harow has transformed her passion for Israel into a vocation, through guiding visitors across the country as a licensed Israeli Tour guide, as a veteran weekly podcaster on “Rejuvenation” with Eve Harow and as a popular guest speaker and Israeli spokesperson in many global forums.

A refreshingly articulate, professional and highly educated voice on Israels Biblical history and modern political reality, Eve weaves the two together with insight and optimism revealing an Israel the media will never show.

She has been active in the political and grassroots arenas since soon after her Aliya from California in 1988, after earning a Masters degree with honors in Psychology from Pepperdine University.

Eve is a graduate of Bar Ilan Universitys Leadership Program for Religious Women and the American Jewish Committees course for Building Tolerance in Israeli Society. In 2021 she earned another MA with honors in Land of Israel Studies and Archaeology from Bar Ilan University. The combination of her formal and informal education has her askingwhy’ seminal historical events occurred and critically, what we can learn from them for the present.

Eve is the Director of Tourism and Education for the One Israel Fund; a member of the Board of CAMERA’s Israel affiliate Presspectiva and a former councilwoman in Efrat, where she and her physician husband raised 7 children.
Her recent trip to Egypt with Tanach in hand, in addition to private Jewish themed tours to Portugal, Jordan, St. Petersburg, Australia, Poland, France, Baltic states, Italy , Holland the Czech Republic, Germany ,  and other European countries gives Eve a unique perspective on Judaism’s journey and Israel which makes her an inspirational and thought-provoking educator.

Contact Eve to discuss virtual tour and speaking engagements while travel is limited.

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